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I've edited a Springer Volume Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality on "Minimal Cooperation and Shared Agency", including contributions on Kirk Ludwig, Katherine Ritchie, Shaun Gallagher, Stephen Butterfill & Elisabeth Pacherie, Michael Wilby, Cédric Paternotte, Corrado Sinigaglia & Stephen Butterfill, Glenda Satne & Alessandro Salice, Santiago Arango-Munoz & Kourken Michaelian, Abraham Roth, Francesco Guala


The volume got published in 2020. 



This volume brings together scholars in the philosophy of mind and action to discuss minimality in cooperation. In general, ‘minimality’ can be understood in a diverse number of ways. It can refer, for example, to the minimal or necessary criteria for cooperation or, alternatively, ‘minimal’ can be understood in the sense of ‘basic’ or ‘simple’. Elucidating the variety of ways in which minimality can be interpreted in the analysis of cooperation provides a genuine contribution to the contemporary joint action debate. Notably, the main accounts in this debate (e.g., by Michael Bratman, Margaret Gilbert, Raimo Tuomela or John Searle) provide sufficient rather than necessary or minimal criteria for cooperation. A lot of discussion in the debate deals with robust rather than simpler and more attenuate cases of cooperation. Focusing on such minimal cases, however, may help to explain how cooperation comes into existence and how simple cases interrelate with more complex ones. Minimality in cooperation can be captured by focusing on particular aspects of cooperation, such as minimal social cognitive skills and competencies, or on how social roles and group memberships might deliver minimal cooperation constraints. Finally, discussing minimality in cooperation with respect to the pecularities of different kinds of mental actions involved in cooperative activities (e.g., team reasoning or collective remembering) is also a fruitful enterprise.



Fiebich, A. (2020). Minimal Cooperation. In A. Fiebich (Ed.), Minimal Cooperation and Shared Agency (pp. 1-7). Cham: Springer. (Editorial Introduction). ISBN: 978-3-030-29783-1. 

In December 2015, our Special Issue on "Mental Actions and Mental Agency" has been published in the Springer Journal Review of Philosophy and Psychology, including contributions on (i) "Mental Actions" from Alessandro Salice, Joelle Proust, Angelica Kaufmann, Aaron Schurger & Sebo Uithol, Tillmann Vierkant, and (ii) "Mental Agency" from Fabian Dorsch, Leon de Bruin & Fleur Jongepier & Derek Strijbos, Cristina Borgoni, Andras Szigeti, Shaun Gallagher, Adrian Alsmith




This special issue discusses various aspects of mental actions and mental agency. Mental actions and mental agency are specific subcategories of actions and agency, respectively. The challenges of elucidating what ‘actions’ are in contrast to other bodily movements, and what role ‘agency’ plays in performing such actions, have elicited intensive discussion within the framework of Action Theory.



Fiebich, A., & Michael, J. (2015). Mental Actions and Mental Agency, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 6, 683-683. (Editorial Introduction) doi:  10.1007/s13164-015-0289-5.

In March 2015, I published a (slighty revised) version of my doctoral thesis on "Varieties of Social Understanding" in mentis, which has been submitted at the Ruhr-University Bochum in 2012. This book is situated in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of science. It provides a critical discussion of a variety of tasks that have been conducted to investigate the development of theory of mind in children. Moreover, it outlines some initial thoughts on a pluralist theory of social understanding (see also Fiebich and Coltheart 2015), which have been developed further in subsequent publications. The core idea of the pluralist approach that I am defending draws upon the idea that it is related to fluency which cognitive procedures come into use in a particular instance of social understanding. That idea stems from only from me and is unrelated to any scientific project (see Fiebich, 2014 - Mindreading with ease, Synthese)



Fiebich, A. (2015). Varieties of Social Understanding. Paderborn: mentis

ISBN-13: 978-3957430038. 

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