Born on Sept 10th 1981 in Hilden, Germany, I grew up near Cologne in the middle of West Germany. I studied philosophy, cultural sciences, and German literature and psycholinguistics at the University of Bremen and the University of Edinburgh, UK. 


From 2008 to 2012, I have been a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Philosophy II of the Ruhr-University Bochum and defended my thesis on "Varieties of Social Understanding" in January 2013 with summa cum laude


I wrote my Ph.D. thesis unrelated to any scientific projects led by my first supervisor Albert Newen and on a different topic than self-consciousness, which got financially supported by the Barbara-Wengeler-Stiftung at the beginning of my Ph.D. As you can see in my publications, I did not publish anything with Albert Newen or any locals from 2010 onwards. Likewise independent is my Ph.D. thesis. He is the worst psychopath I ever met. The institut of philosophy in Bochum splitted in 2010 into two parts - half of the people distanted themselves publicly from Albert Newen and the extraordinary psychopath-grants he forces his employees into. (I saw recent, he got 10 new grants for postdocs and PhDs - AWESOME!) The Institute splitted in 2010 as a consequence of the criminal extent that is going on now-called "Insitute II". 


I gave lectures for both BA- and MA-students in Philosophy from 2008 till 2014 at the Institut of Philosophy II, University of Bochum, which can be regarded as the financial background of my Ph.D. 


In 2015/2016 I worked as an assistant professor and postdoctoral researcher at the Philosophy Departments of the Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), University of Memphis (USA), University of Wollongong (Australia) and Duisburg-Essen University (Germany).


From October 2016 until December 2019, I have been a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for the Study of Social Action (CSSA), Philosophy Department of the University of Milan, Italy, working on collective intentionality and minimal approaches to cooperation.


Since March 2020 I am not affiliated with any University anymore and started working as a business coach in Bremen, north Germany. That job is unrelated to philosophy and my academic past, both formally and content-wise. I finished self-financed qualification in health-management for companies that is unrelated to philosophy and my academic past, both formally and content-wise. That new qualification serves as a specialization for my business coaching. But I am not planning to use the regular coaching methods and am developing a novel coaching technique as the trademark of my business.


I am still doing philosophy on a private basis as an independent researcher and will be happy if you continue inviting me for talks or articles in special issues.

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