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My article on "Minimal Cooperation: Insights from Autism"

has just been published in Adaptive Behaviour!


You find a list of my publication above under the link publication. There you will also find an abstract of any publication as well as the doi or ISBN number. Since I left academia, I won't provide files to download anymore from my page. If you have troubles to access my publications via the licenses of your university, please let me know.



Since 2020 I am no longer employed at any University and started my own business in Bremen:






I finished my academic career.

There are no grant or job applications out there anymore. 


The implications of the financial support for my academic career got worse and worse over the years, starting with the *ordinary' financially support of BaföG (i.e. about half a million new students per year in Germany to get them financially *started* for the rest of their lifes) over jobs as an employee at different Universities in Germany and abroad to grant awards from different foundations. I did not even earned much money and all I gained in the end was much trouble and headache. So I gratefully stepped out. There are not intends to get back (really). 


 I acquired a novel qualification in health management for the business coaching I am doing now. That qualification does neither formally nor content-wise draw upon my academic work. It is a completely self-funded business with no financial support from the government or any other foundation.


I would like to thank Shaun Gallagher and Neil Roughley for making a lot of efforts to make my postdoc status public on their websites and elsewhere in 2015 and 2016 and for the many invitiations I got as a conference speaker in so many countries from several colleagues (which didn't help in black world, though). 


Anika Fiebich,

born Sept 10th, 1981

in Hilden (Germany)


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