Since 2020 I am no longer employed at any University and started my own business in Bremen. 

It draws upon a new qualification in health management that I gained recently and is completely self-financed.




I finished my academic career.

There are no grant or job applications out there anymore. 


I deleted my facebook account and researchgate account.

I am not using any gmail account or owe Apple electrics.

I have no WLan at home and do not rent an office with internet connection.

Privately I am a single person and live alone.


Oh, and I do not owe a car. I have a red Pegasus bicycle with a black basket in the front. Mostly I walk. So I have been properly identified as a google go edition. There are some google drive editions, though, who are keen on synchronzing my electrics with theirs to *share* my experiences (*twofold). Enjoy! 



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