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Below you find the book chapters that are published. For more information about the content of these works, please see "research" above.

Gallagher, S., & Fiebich, A. (2019). Being pluralist about understanding others: Contexts and communicative practices. In Knowing and Understanding Other Minds (pp. 63-78(. Avradmides, A., & Parrott, M. (Eds.). Oxford University Press. (full manuscript upon request)
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Fiebich, A., Gallagher, S., & Hutto, D. (2017). Pluralism, interaction and the ontogeny of social cognition. In Kiverstein, J. (Ed.). The Routledge Handbook Philosophy of the Social Mind (pp. 208-221). London: Routledge.
Fiebich et al 2016 Routledge.pdf
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Fiebich, A.*, Nguyen, N*., & Schwarzkopf, S*. (2015) (*equal contribution). Cooperation with robots? A two-dimensional approach. In Collective Agency and Cooperation in Natural and Artifical Systems (pp. 25-43), Misselhorn, C. (Ed.), in the Springer Series "Philosophical Studies". Heidelberg: Springer
Fiebich et al 2015 Springer.pdf
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Fiebich, A. (2014). Perceiving Affordances and Social Cognition. In Social Ontology and Social Cognition, Gallotti, M, & Michael, J. (Eds.), in the Springer Series "Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality" (pp. 149-166). New York: Springer.
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Newen, A., & Fiebich, A. (2009). A developmental theory of self-models: individual-cognitive and social-cognitive dimensions of self-consciousness. In Social Roots of Self-Consciousness. Philosophical and Psychological Contributions, Max, W., & Reuter, G. (Eds.), Berlin: Akademie Verlag. 161-186
Newen and Fiebich 2009 Akademie Verlag.p[...]
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