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The Springer Volume on "Minimal Cooperation and Shared Agency" that I have edited is published!


Here's the table of content:


Anika Fiebich: Minimal Cooperation (editorial introduction)


Kirk Ludwig: What is Minimally Cooperative Behavior?


Cédric Paternotte: Joint action: why so minimal?


Shaun Gallagher: Conversation, context, and joint action


Glenda Satne and Alessandro Salice: Shared Intentionality and the Cultural Evolutionary Hypothesis


Katherine Ritchie: Minimal Cooperation and Group Roles


Stephen A. Butterfill and Elisabeth Pacherie: Towards a Blueprint for a Social Animal


Michael Wilby: Modest Sociality, Minimal Cooperation and Natural Intersubjectivity


Francesco Guala: Solving the Hi-lo Paradox: Equilibria, Beliefs and Coordination


Abraham Roth: Proprietary Reasons and Joint Action


Corrado Sinigaglia and Stephen A. Butterfill: Motor Representation and Action Experience in Joint Action


Santiago Arango-Munoz and Kourken Michealian: From collective memory ... to collective meta-memory?





















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