Workshop “Agent-Specificities and Relationships in Social Interactions”

Date: February 15-16, 2018

Venue: a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne, Aachener Str. 217, 50931 Cologne

Keynote Speaker: Pascal Molenberghs (Melbourne), Albert Newen (Bochum), Ryan Murray (Geneva)

In the contemporary debate social interaction phenomena like theory of mind, empathy and related social behaviors are often discussed without taking these important factors into account. But everyday social interactions do not take place in a vacuum - they happen among different individuals, who have personal or social relationships, single or shared histories, and occupy a number of different social identities.

 This interdisciplinary workshop aims at elucidating the dedicated role that agent-specificities and relationships among the agents may play in social interactions from the perspectives of philosophy, neuroscience, psychology and neighboring disciplines. In particular, we will focus on social cognition, including empathy and theory of mind, as well as related social behaviors.

Leading questions include (but are not restricted to):
- How do agent-specificities and relationships shape social interactions?

- How do agent-specificites and relationships shape mindreading and empathy?

- What are the cognitive mechanisms that underlie the recognition of specific agents and social interaction phenomena?

-What theoretical developments do the finding pertaining to the role of agent-specificities, relationships and identities for phenomena like mindreading and empathy? Do they have consequences on the way we should conceptualize these phenomena?

- …


Deadline for registration: January 15, 2018


This workshop belongs to a workshop series by the DFG-fundet scientific network "Understanding Others - Integration of Social Cognitive and Affective Processes".


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WORKSHOP “Communication and Cooperation”, June 4, 2018 in Milan

Date: June 4, 2018

Venue: SALA ENZO PACI, CSSA, Philosophy Department, University of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono, 7, 20122 Milano

Confirmed Speakers: Abraham Roth (Ohio State University), Glenda Satne (UAH/University of Wollongong), Matteo Bianchin (University of Milano-Bicocca)


This workshop aims at elucidating various facets of the interrelation between communication and cooperation.

Questions include (but are not restricted to):

- What are the criteria under which communication can be understood as cooperation?

- What are the functional roles of communication in different kinds of cooperation?

- To which extent can communication and cooperation facilitate our understanding of reasons?

- How do breakdowns of communication and communicative skills impact the success of cooperative activities?

- What do the (social) cognitive and neural foundations of communicative practices and cooperative activities tell us about the interrelation between communication and cooperation?

- How do communication and cooperation differ among cultures or species?


There are few more slots for talks available. If you would like to attend the workshop actively with giving a talk, please send a 200-word abstract suitable for blind-review to


Deadline for abstract submission: February 1, 2018


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